Monday, 6 April 2015

wide varieties of vacuum pumps in india with finetech engineering

FineTech Engineering deliver Wide Variety of Vacuum Pumps in India, Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

  1. Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump
  2. Watering Vacuum Pump
  3. Direct Drive Rotary Vane High Vacuum Pump
  4. Mono Block Type Water Ring Vacuum Pump
  5. Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump
  6. Dry Vacuum Pump
  7. Non Corrosive Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
  8. Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
  9. Vacuum Pumping Equipment
  10. Laboratory Vacuum Pumps
  11. Direct Driven Vacuum Pump

These pumps are widely used in following applications..

  1. separation in the bio diesel production.
  2. Wood Seasoning Plants
  3. Vacuum Central System
  4. Vacuum Pressure Impregnation System