Saturday, 21 February 2015

Difference between single stage vacuum pump and two stage vacuum pump

FineTech Engineering is a leading vacuum pump manufacturing company in ahmedabad and now it is the only manufacturing company who manufacture different vacuum related products such as single stage vacuum pump manufacturers,two stage vacuum pump manufacturers and oil seal vacuum pump manufacturers.

Most of the people confused about single stage vacuum pump or two stage vacuum pump. There is not much difference between single stage vacuum pump and two stage vacuum pump.

Here are some of the specialities of this two vacuum pumps:

1] single stage vacuum pump manufacturers :

Single Stage Vacuum pumps are most reliable SLM design. These pumps are typically used as a vacuum pump but same can also be used in a compressor duty with the slight modification in installation. The Liquid Ring Compressors can develop pressure up to 1.5 Kg/cm2g.

“FINE TECH” Stage Vacuum Pump manufacturers develop with maximum vacuum of 710 mm of Hg, when sealing water temperature is around 30°C (755 Barometric Pr and 30°C suction temperature).

2] two stage vacuum pump manufacturers :

Two Stage Vacuum pumps are better design then Single Stage Vacuum pump having advantage of higher vacuum at high vacuum and also require low quantity of water at low pressure compare to Single Stage Vacuum pump.

The pump can be provided with Closed Loop Liquid operation, automatic control and other features. The working of two stagevacuum pump manufacturers is primly based on water.Their application includes beverage industries, chemical industries, research centers and all kinds of food industries

Two Stage Vacuum Pump develop maximum vacuum of 720 mm Hg, when sealing water temperature is 30°C (755 mm Hg barometric pressure & suction temperature of 30°C) and achieve a vacuum of up to 740 mm of Hg, when sealing water temperature of 15°C to 18°C.Due to its latest technology and design,it so happen that a smaller model may requir as compare to single stage Vacuum pump.


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